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Diana Kilburn

7 weeks of training results:
17 lbs. weight loss
4.2% body fat loss
16 in. loss
2.3 lost in BMI
7 in. waist lost

As a person who has always played tennis and stayed active, I could not believe that I had become so out of shape.  After talking with my husband, I decided to invest in my own health and met with Ryan Schrink at Schrink Personal Training.  He paired me with Casey as my personal trainer.  At first I was pretty nervous.  I didn't want to be measured or weighed especially in front of someone but she made me feel very comfortable and explained that these were for the goals I wanted to achieve.  My goals were to not only lose weight but to also feel better.  I was feeling tired all of the time.  My back and feet were hurting.  I knew this was not good for someone my age.

I started training with Casey that week and kept my calorie intake under 1500 calories per day.  I will admit that the first week of weight training was hard but she said that I could keep going and I did.  She always lets me rest if I need to or asks if anything hurts during any of the exercises.  Casey changes the workout every week and increases my weights as we go along.  I am always pushed to work harder.  She shows me exercises that I can do on my own in between our sessions but I know that I do not work this hard on my own. The results have paid off.  Knowing that she is keeping track of my numbers is a big motivation.  

I have noticed a difference already. My clothes are getting looser every week and my body is getting toned.  I'm starting to get my curves back.  I feel better during the day and sleep better at night.  I am ready to wake up every morning and get going again.  When you feel good it makes you happy and you want to take better care of yourself.  Thank you so much to Casey and Schrink Personal Training.  I look forward to posting my end results.


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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer
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