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My name is Brett Bass and I’m going to be a sophomore for the 2013-2014 year. I am also a collegiate soccer player. College soccer brings a lot more challenges than it did in high school and in club soccer. The training is definitely tougher along with the games. Soccer training alone isn’t all that’s required for this level of play. Lifting weights and running on my own is essential especially in the offseason. I’ve been lifting weights since 8th grade, so my perspective is really good on my form, how much I can lift, and how I can get stronger. I have a goal though for this next season and that is to start. I got plenty of playing time my freshman year, but that wasn’t enough. I needed someone who could train me in the offseason. My brother was training with Meissan McDaniel a personal trainer for Schrink Training. I figured I’d get into some of this action so I could build more muscle and get a great muscle tone for the season ahead. I’ve only been training with Meissan for a little over a week and I am ecstatic for the training sessions to come. He brings a lot of different things to the table that most trainers in my opinion just can’t give.

First is his ability to motivate. For example there have been times where I feel like I was going to hit a breaking point in one of my sets. All the sudden you hear him say, “You got this”, “Push Push”, and “Don’t give up, fight through the pain.” There are many other things he says that motivates, but I won’t spoil it. Next is his positivity, my second training session I ended up throwing up after my jog and a couple sets! I was very upset that I was struggling with my workout and he gave me a story of his where he was in the same situation in college. He told me that this is a step by step process don’t get upset it takes time and effort, a very positive person I could tell after I heard this. Lastly, is his knowledge of lifting weights and different exercises. So far I have only used weight on a few sets other than that it’s been no weights at all.

I just don’t get it, me not using weights, but still not being able to feel my arms, abs, shoulders, legs, etc. I honestly can’t say he’s even from this planet with the exercises and sets I’m doing some are just brand new to me and I’ve been lifting since the 8th grade! For example, walking pushups, he showed me an example it looks easy, but when I got into it I was crawling literally to get back on my feet. Another is my favorite exercise and its wide grip pull ups instead of doing a set of six or eight I go up and hold for as long as I can, when I come down I honestly wish I would’ve held on because the burn was so bad.

The key thing with working out with Meissan is as an athlete, teacher, body builder whatever you are you have to be able to want and work for what your asking from him as a trainer. There are two key things I’ve learned with being with him just for a week. First off, when I’m doing a set and I’m starting to break a bit or I can barely do it that’s the time to push my self to the limit. Even if I can’t get my full motion as I would on my first set, even a smaller motion still gets the job done that’s how you improve in the training he puts you through. Second thing I have learned is from a quote he put up in our workout room.

Maya Angelou- "You want me to do something tell me I can’t do it." |

Basically the training I do with Meissan is all mental, he doesn’t decide if I do it or not, I do. I’m always willing to put in the work and a great trainer in Meissan to motivate me and guide me along the way. I can say it’s a great choice and I can’t wait for what I’m learning next. Thank you Meissan!

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Meissan McDaniel

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