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Luke Lette

Training With Meissan
Messian and personal training has personally helped me more than I ever thought. As an athlete, the mental edge is just as important as the physical one and Messian definitely given me that.

Last year I was only being looked at by small schools and wasn't really recruited much. For my senior year I decided that I would benefit from the physical edge that weight lifting would give me so I talked my parents into getting me a personal trainer. When we first started, we talked about goals and what we needed to do to get there. After just a few workouts I could tell it was really going to help. No matter what my attitude was coming into training that day he always made it better. Through the season whenever I was exhausted or tired, Messain helped push the right buttons to get the most out of me. Through the training, he kept pushing me and wanting more from me than I thought I could produce.

When I was having a tough time getting through a set or wasn't performing well he would always give a little motivational speech or pep talk to get me going. As we work out we bonded and became friends and trusted one another pushing each to do their best. His confidence in me gave me more confidence in myself and helped me perform better in the weight room and the pool. At the end of the season I dropped tons of time and ended up winning sectionals in two events and went on to place 7th at state in the 50 free. Since then I have signed with IU and plan on swimming in college. I really feel that training has helped give me the edge in the pool. I honestly do think I benefited from training and would recommend it to anyone who ask. .

Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer
Meissan McDaniel

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