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Training With Meissan
When I first met Meissan I did not know what to expect.  I wanted to reserve judgment, until I actually got into training with him.  I knew the goals I had set in my mind, but was skeptical if a personal trainer could really help me obtain them.  It would not have mattered who I met that first day I sat down with Ryan and Meissan, I would have been skeptical.  After discussing my goals, training, and nutrition with Ryan and Meissan we scheduled my first training session.  I asked what I could do in the meantime.  Meissan immediately responded with one short and simple statement, “Get your mind right.  Relax and get your mind right.”  At that moment I began to put my trust in Meissan.  Even though I still had my reservations, I now knew Meissan was not just interested in my physical health and attributes.  He was concerned for my mental health, which indicated that he seemed to genuinely care.

Since meeting Meissan for the first time, my trust and confidence has grown with him.  Meissan not only looks the part of a personal trainer, but he lives and breathes it.  Personal training is not just a job with Meissan.  His life is dedicated to it.  When I train with him I can feel he wants me to succeed.  In fact, his success is solely based on my success.  He understands that if I fail, he is just as much at fault.  Therefore, he makes his best effort to see me succeed.  This, in turn, drives me harder to give it my all for both our sakes.

Even though I have only been training with Meissan a few weeks now, I have enjoyed every moment of it.  I anticipate during the week when our next meeting will be.  Yes, during each workout we bust it and put in HARD work.  And he pushes me to what seems like the breaking point.  But, he is in constant tune with each exercise and sees me through.  That was exactly what I was looking for when I signed on with Schrink Personal Training.  What I like the most about Meissan is his motivation and constant reassurance. 

Whenever I have a concern or am disappointed in my performance, Meissan will constantly uplift my thoughts.  And not just with positive feedback, which he does as well, but he logically explains and breaks down each aspect of my training that I am concerned with.  Another attribute I like about Meissan is once again his dedication to my success.  He often gets in contact with me during the week to check up on me.  He also is able to answer any of my questions in regards to my training that I might have when I am not with him.

The only thing I feel Meissan could improve on is remembering the details of his clients.  Sometimes I have to remind him that I am trying to add lean muscle mass while burning fat.  This is understandable considering the number of clients he sees.  Also, I am a very detailed person and like to follow an exact routine.  Meissan will assign workouts for me to do during the week that can be general.  My personal preference is to have an exact layout of what to do.  Therefore, I sometimes have to squeeze more detail out of him.

I look forward to the rest of my time with Meissan.  I know Meissan will do what it takes to see me reach my goals.  If I had to change anything it would be the ability to spend more time during the week training with Meissan so I could reap the benefits.

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Meissan McDaniel

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