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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer


"Approximately one year ago my husband was talking with his co-worker, Angela Schrink, and she said that her husband Ryan Schrink was a personal trainer and had his own personal training business. That conversation led my husband to purchasing a training package for me for Christmas.  I can say with absolute certainty that my life has been forever changed since meeting Ryan. 

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Brett Bass

Training With Meissan…

"I’m going to be a sophomore for the 2013-2014 year. I am also a collegiate soccer player. College soccer brings a lot more challenges than it did in high school and in club soccer. The training is definitely tougher along with the games. Soccer training alone isn’t all that’s required for this level of play. Lifting weights and running on my own is essential especially in the offseason. I’ve been lifting weights since 8th grade, so my perspective is really good on my form, how much I can lift, and how I can get stronger. I have a goal though for this next season and that is to start. I got plenty of playing time my freshman year, but that wasn’t enough. I needed someone who could train me in the offseason. My brother was training with Meissan McDaniel a personal trainer for Schrink Training. I figured I’d get into some of this action so I could build more muscle and get a great muscle tone for the season ahead. I’ve only been training with Meissan for a little over a week and I am ecstatic for the training sessions to come. He brings a lot of different things to the table that most trainers in my opinion just can’t give. "

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Luke Lette

Training With Meissan…

"Messian and personal training has personally helped me more than I ever thought. As an athlete, the mental edge is just as important as the physical one and Messian definitely given me that. Last year I was only being looked at by small schools and wasn't really recruited much. For my senior year I decided that I would benefit from the physical edge that weight lifting would give me so I talked my parents into getting me a personal trainer. When we first started, we talked about goals and what we needed to do to get there. After just a few workouts I could tell it was really going to help."

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Training With Meissan…

"When I first met Meissan I did not know what to expect.  I wanted to reserve judgment, until I actually got into training with him.  I knew the goals I had set in my mind, but was skeptical if a personal trainer could really help me obtain them.  It would not have mattered who I met that first day I sat down with Ryan and Meissan, I would have been skeptical.  After discussing my goals, training, and nutrition with Ryan and Meissan we scheduled my first training session.  I asked what I could do in the meantime.  Meissan immediately responded with one short and simple statement, “Get your mind right.  Relax and get your mind right.”  At that moment I began to put my trust in Meissan.  Even though I still had my reservations, I now knew Meissan was not just interested in my physical health and attributes.  He was concerned for my mental health, which indicated that he seemed to genuinely care."

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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer


3 weeks of training results:
4 lbs. weight loss
2.5% body fat loss
25 in. loss

"I had reached a time in my life where my overall health was not going in the direction that I wanted. My daughter is getting married in June 2013 and I knew I had to do something different to get to my goals. I have tried every diet plan and I have tried every exercise program that is out there. I have a stack of exercise cd's! On a Sunday afternoon, I was totally frustrated (again) and decided to contact Schrink training. Casey contacted me within hours that Sunday to make an appointment with me. Good thing because I probably would have changed my mind on Monday morning. When I first met Casey, she was right to the point on putting me on an exercise program."

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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer

Diana Kilburn

7 weeks of training results:
17 lbs. weight loss
4.2% body fat loss
16 in. loss
2.3 lost in BMI
7 in. waist lost

"As a person who has always played tennis and stayed active, I could not believe that I had become so out of shape.  After talking with my husband, I decided to invest in my own health and met with Ryan Schrink at Schrink Personal Training.  He paired me with Casey as my personal trainer.  At first I was pretty nervous.  I didn't want to be measured or weighed especially in front of someone but she made me feel very comfortable and explained that these were for the goals I wanted to achieve. "

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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer


Sellersburg, IN

Beginning waist size: 51 1/4", weight 283.
6 months later: waist 39 1/2, weight 223.
Body fat from 35.3 to 26.2
BMI from 36.3 to 27.1

"I worked with a trainer (Sherry) from Schrink Personal Training for 6 months. During that time I lost 60 pounds, dropping from 283 lbs down to 223. My body fat percentage decreased by 10%, and my BMI also went down 10%. I learned how and when to properly exercise, and how and when to properly eat. With Sherry's help I learned to monitor my diet and ensure I was eating the right foods at the right time in the right amounts. . ."

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Ryan Schrink - Personal Trainer

Louisa Didat, age 53

Beginning wt. 137 lbs. – 11/2008
Ending wt. 110 lbs. – 9/2009
27 lbs. lost – 24%

"I had several goals when beginning my training with Ryan and, with his help, I have achieved all of them.  I have continued with the program weekly and I like the results.  My weight loss goal was achieved and Ryan advised me with nutrition counseling compatible with my lifestyle."

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