Schrink Personal Training Services

The Program

We are proud to offer a wide-range of training sessions tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group session. Our personal trainers are highly skilled and patient. We also offer group discounts.

Schrink AWAY the inches

Our featured packages include:

1. Resistance Training: An extensive, unique approach to maximize your strength, while adding firmness and decreasing body fat by altering your metabolic rate. Other benefits include: increased lean body mass, improved balance and flexibility, increased bone density, injury prevention, and looking and feeling better day to day.

2. Cardiovascular Training: A 30-minute approach to maximize your heart's capabilities and, once again, alter your metabolic rate. Benefits include: increased endurance, improved energy levels, increased lung capacity, and looking and feeling better. Most importantly, cardiovascular training can significantly improve your health by decreasing your risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancers. Cardiovascular training helps by decreasing your blood pressure, decreasing your cholesterol levels, decreasing your risk of diabetes, and many others.

3. Nutritional Guidance: Of equal importance in conjunction with a sound exercise program is that of a nutritional program. Eating the right types of foods spaced out evenly at the right times of day can itself stimulate weight loss, increase metabolic rate, and decrease fat stores. The difference with this nutritional program is that it is set up for success. The client can eat healthy foods throughout the day, without feeling hungry. The formula is easy, which is eating the right type of foods in the right combination at the right time of day.

4. Education/Application: One key component of this program is the education of the client of health and fitness principles, so that he or she can apply their new knowledge to their own lifestyle.

Anyone and everyone can benefit. Schrink Personal Training Services, LLC (SPTS) has programs designed for adolescents to the elderly.

With experience ranging from professional athletes to heart patients, the knowledge and expertise of SPTS can fit YOUR personal health and fitness needs.

If you are motivated and ready to change your lifestyle, SPTS can deliver results to YOU.

What we offer

  1. The mobility factor. Schrink Personal Training Services, LLC (SPTS) will come to you at your home, office or place of choice.

  2. There are no hassles associated with joining a gym such as membership fees, crazy hours, or the whole atmosphere associated with a gym.

  3. Equipment requirements are minimal at most. SPTS will design fitness programs based on what you have, whether it is an expensive home gym or a few dumbbells. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment to see results when working out at home.

  4. Knowledge and expertise are valued with SPTS. Ryan C. Schrink, and his staff, are all certified personal trainers with degrees in the field of exercise physiology.

What Our
Customers' Say

"At 3 weeks, I have lost 4 pounds, lowered my BMI and lost 2.5% body fat, and 25 overall inches lost. Yes, 25 overall inches lost!

In 3 weeks, Casey has done more for me than anything I have tried in the past 2 years of trying to find that exercise program that was going to work. I am so thankful that I made contact with Schrink Training and mostly thankful for Casey and the passion she has for her clients."